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Why Choose Symbee?

We have combined Amazon Connect, AWS Services, and years of CX industry experience to create a feature rich, Enterprise Contact Center and integrated Unified Communication Solution.

The benefits of a “Builder” Cloud Migration Process:

We deliver Symbee as a Software-as-a-Service (CCaaS and UCaaS) via the AWS Marketplace

Provide a Low-code/No-Code solution giving customers access to over 1500+ features (and growing…)

Symbee enables POC’s and/or full Production migration in 2-6 weeks

No Professional Services costs for Software Development and/or DevOps

New Features are available to all customers, thus eliminating ongoing OPEX spending

Who Does Symbee Help?

Symbee is the only low code/no code commercial product for Amazon Connect that accelerates roadmap, deployment and innovation while removing DevOps workload from customers.


It is ideally suited for customers that:

Are not cloud builders, or they are a builder, but do not want to build basic contact center solution functionality.

Need more functionality out of the box.

Symbee has 1,000+ features like Unified Communications, Omnichannel, Outbound, Analytics, WFM).

Need or want to deploy quickly.

Symbee can be deployed in 4 – 6 weeks.

For more Information about Amazon Connect click on this link:

Get My Free Proof of Concept

Try out Symbee for yourself by signing up for your free Symbee 30 day trial today.

Click the link below and request your Proof of Concept (POC).

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