Imagine a world where your Customers were happy communicating with your company.

Where you can contact them or they can contact you on any channel, at any time.

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Why Choose Symbee Connect integrated with

Amazon Connect?

Pay As You Go

Symbee Connect continues the consumption usage model that started with Amazon Connect. There is no minimum monthly fee, no contracts and no long-term commitments. Billing for Symbee Connect comes directly on your AWS Monthly Bill.


Pricing is not based on capacity, agent seats, or maintenance.

OmniChannel and Social Engagement

Amazon Connects “Open Platform” has enabled Symbee Connect to provide the customer engagement channels that all OmniChannelContact Centers that include Preview Dial, Email, Webchat, SMS and Social Messaging. Enhancing the Digital Engagement are Symbee Connect Chatbots using Amazon Lex, thus allowing for standardized branding across all Customer Engagement.

Enterprise Ready Contact Center Features

Customers when doing development want to add value to their contact center solution, not build industry standard features.


Symbee Connect has already build standard Contact Center features with the ability to turn on or off depending on requirements.


These include Headset Integration, Voicemail, Presence, Work Codes, Agent Queue Stats and Call History. This allows customers to focus on true value add development around Machine Learning (AI) and other next generation CX technologies.

Simplified Analytics

Experience. Simplified. Symbee Connect Analytics enables OmniChannel Reporting without all the “heavy Lift” of development and configuration. All CTR and Agent State records stored in the Customer S3 Bucket for all Channels are easily pulled into Symbee Connect Analytics, thus allowing Reporting to be simple, configurable and encompass all channels.

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