It’s a 100% cloud based, feature rich OmniChannel Contact Center suite of products running on Amazon Web Services (AWS), one of the most scalable, secure and reliable clouds on the planet.

What is Symbee Connect?

Symbee Connect Engagement

Symbee Connect is a Global Contact Center Solution that integrates directly with Amazon Connect providing advanced Enterprise OmniChannel features.


When deployed with Amazon Connect, it supports Voice (In/Out/Direct Agent), Callback, Preview Dial, Email, WebChat, SMS/MMS, Social Messaging and OmniChannel Reporting.


Symbee Connect also has core features such as a Headset Integration (Jabra and Poly), Supervisor Client, UC Client, Voicemail (Agent and Queue), Presence, Agent Stats, Work Codes, Task History and many more Enterprise features.

Supervisor Agent UI providing Voice and OmniChannel monitoring, barge-in, barge-in control and Queue Reporting for Supervisors

No size constraints – we scale to your needs, whether you’re a startup with a couple of agents, a medium sized company with several hundred agents or a Fortune 500 company with thousands of agents.

All of the functionality you expect from a traditional on-premise solution with the flexibility, scalability and security of a high-performance cloud solution.

Additional channels and features continuously being added to further enhancing your ability to engage your customers with Next Gen CX Technology.


Full integration with Market Leading CRM Solutions.

An intuitive design, resulting in limited time and resources required for staff training

Integrated contact agent metrics and KPIs.

Support for a growing list of Third-Party Solutions.

For more information about pricing, check us out on the AWS Marketplace.


Symbee Connect Collaboration


Collaboration was created to address a specific need our customers were asking for, the “Back Office” Contact Center Support Team Members.

We’ve offered features in Collaboration to that make sense for staff in back office and support roles. This includes Headset Integration, Presence, Voicemail and Internal IM.

Just like Engagement UI, we’re adding features that will simplify and enhance Collaboration.

Did we mention you get Collaboration for free when you sign up on Symbee Connect?

Symbee Connect


At Symbee, we understand importance of integrating  with industry standard CRM platforms in order to allow our customers access information and tools they need to service their customers.


We designed a framework we call Fusion, to allow integration between Symbee Connect and the most popular CRM platforms used in contact centers today and unlike some OmniChannel solutions, Fusion is part of our core platform meaning there is no additional cost.


Here are the currently supported CRM solutions:

  • Zendesk

  • Salesforce

  • ServiceNow

  • SAP

  • Zoho

  • EPIC


We’re continuously adding new connectors to meet our customers needs.

Symbee Connect Analytics

Analytics is our comprehensive analytics and reporting module, providing the ability to run standard reporting you’ve come to expect from Contact Center Solutions and then take it to another level with full analytics and machine learning (AI) integration.


The Symbee Connect Analytics provides:

  • Role-based access control (RBAC) restricting access to data based on groups and management.

  • Dashboard Views for dynamic and static data reporting and manipulation.


Many companies say they have Analytics but in reality, they just have reporting. The analytics component of our product is unique because it:

  • Enables you to manipulate dynamic data on the fly for deep dive analytic modeling

  • Allows inclusion of multiple data sources – internal to your contact center and external, to provide holistic and comprehensive analysis of your end to end connection with customers and how external influences impact your ability to service them

  • Provides analysis of data using machine learning (AI) integration to create better contact center and business decisions


Reporting includes:

  • Set and view reporting metrics end to end in contact flows

  • Set, view and monitor Key Performance Indicator (KPI) targets

  • View Realtime and Historical Metrics to help your Contact Center drive First Contact Resolution (FCR) for your customers.

For more information about pricing, check us out on the AWS Marketplace.

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