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FACT: Up to 30% of customers will abandon a contact center before their problem is solved. 


Do you know why?


What if you had full visibility at your fingertips?


Introducing Symbee Connect Business Intelligence (SCBI), a leading edge data transformation / GenBI tool, with real-time KPI's, historical insights and powerful visualizations using Amazon QuickSight.


Why Symbee Connect Business Intelligence?

100% Serverless

  • Eliminates costly database infrastructure

  • Cost Optimized, Pay-As-You-Go

  • Data stays in your S3 bucket

Only with SCBI

  • Auto-refresh dashboards

  • Low / no cost large dataset manipulation

  • Continual feature and report updates

  • No third party outsourcing

  • Data imports from any contact center


  • All customer data is private, secure, encrypted, security compliant

  • 100% within your AWS account

Ready to Go

  • Free installation

  • Easy implementation in 45 minutes

  • Hit the ground running with predefined dashboards and reports

  • Need customized reports - design your own

Is Symbee Connect Business Intelligence
right for you?


Are you yearning for better reporting, analytics and business intelligence?

Is your Business Intelligence in the hands of another department?

Are you still using Excel to try to understand complex patterns?

We understand your pain. So, we developed an independent Business Intelligence platform for Amazon Connect. We can take all of your existing contact center data and transform it into usable insights, intuitive graphs, and actionable insights. Anyone on Amazon Connect can use the Symbee Connect Business Intelligence within existing AWS infrastructure. No contracts, installs in about an hour.

SCBI incorporates all of the features you relied on from your traditional on premise solutions while incorporating new features such as Generative BI.

The power of Symbee. We create: “Done for you solutions” in Amazon Connect and QuickSight so you can  use  your data more effectively. We organize  all these data points:


Symbee Connect Business Intelligence Benefits

  • Real Time BI Dashboards

  • Historical BI Dashboards

  • Out of the box Quicksight Visualizations

  • Enhanced Contact Attributes (CA) Dashboards

  • OpEx costing via AWS Cost Tagging

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