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Financial Report

Running a Contact Center without good reporting and analytics is flying blind.

We’ve partnered with Aceyus, an industry leader, to provide comprehensive real-time, historical and custom reports for Symbee and Amazon Connect. 


Why did we build Symbee Reporting & Analytics?

While Amazon Connect and AWS services produce vast amounts of data, the out the box Amazon Connect reports are limited. Our approach is to harness that information and present it in a useable and configurable format to our customers. 



Reporting for all Interactions

  • Data and statistics for both Amazon Connect and Symbee delivered work

  • Historical reporting

  • Real-time reporting

  • Interaction reporting

  • Contact Lens

  • Custom reporting.


Track Contact Center Performance

  • View and analyze inbound and outbound interactions

  • View performance via real-time dashboards and/or historical reporting

  • Measure agent performance including hold, handle, wrap and unavailable times.


Track Customer Experience

  • Measure average queue and wait times

  • Analyze using work codes, to help measure first contact resolution.

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