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Symbee Release October 7, 2022

Good morning / afternoon / evening Symbee Customers and Followers!

The first release of Q4 is here! Here are the Release Notes highlights -

Feature Updates:

  • Hours of Operations

    • Shows schedule or exception so you can have different messages

    • Allows using Description info and new Additional Info fields in Contact Flow

  • Increased Contact Attributes Fusion from 5 to 8

  • New Outbound Email Delivery via SMTP option for Email Channel

  • New Security Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) option available for Administration Portal Login

  • New Admin User features for Timeout and Last Login

CloudFormation Updates:

  • Hours of Operations

  • Email Channel

  • Data Feeds and Reporting V2

Full Release Notes

As always, contact Robert Killory <> with any suggestions or questions.


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